Overcome the Squeak

Day Ten

Squeaky and awful is the only way to describe the first years of violin practice. I have played the instrument on and off since I was six and am still prone to the occasional cringe-worthy pieces. The violin is difficult to master. Along with the haunting sound it sometimes emits, comes a hoard of more unpleasant noises. 

I took lessons. I spent hours practicing. I didn’t learn much music theory. It never seemed relevant enough to put effort into. I went to Sweden to learn how to play Swedish fiddle which is where I learned music is truly a universal language. I was able to communicate with anyone who knew how to make sound emanate from an object. 

Somehow, I pushed through the moments of disdain and dislike, unwrapping the instrument from the velvet case it was hidden within. I found that some skills take an extraordinary amount of time to grasp. I hated that some of my friends were forced to play instruments in school. How they despised the very music they were attempting to create. I learned more about patients from playing than anything else. My friends never experienced that ecstatic moment when a breakthrough is made. 

I hate the phrase “everyone should learn (fill in the blank)” but if I could highly suggest something, it would be to learn an instrument. It will teach you so much about the way your brain functions. Take lessons but spend time teaching yourself. Embrace the squeaks and twangs. If you have the drive, you will find talent within your passion.