The Importance of Elections

Day Twelve

The two years leading up to this November have been one of great interest and excitement to me. As the election nears and anticipation rises, I want to speak about my political views. Not only will the victor face a huge challenge in leading the country but will strive to calm political tension. 

It is key to have a President who will be able to unify the parties and exemplify the positive qualities of America. We are experiencing a time of change. We teeter on the brink of what can either be an upward turn or downward spiral. This election is more important than we want to admit. 

This is why I will be voting for Pedro. His platform consists of making everyone's dreams come true and tending to his mustache. I have never had a candidate want so deeply to fulfill my dreams and I believe this, above all else, makes him exactly what the country is in need of. He cares about everyone's happiness and is willing to sacrifice all else to provide this. Pedro, you will always have my vote. 


****If this article doesn’t make any sense you either have no sense of humor or haven’t watch Napoleon Dynamite.