The Power of Good Service

Day Sixteen

I will never underestimate the power of good service. It is a rare thing to experience.

I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for over five years. I understand what good service takes. I also know that it isn’t easy to find that workflow but when you do, you get caught up in it. I find beauty in a smoothly run section or bar. Have you ever tried to keep the requests of twenty-five people in your head, while attempting to deliver flawless service? I can guarantee you it’s harder than you think.

When I go out for dinner, my restaurant mind won’t shut up. I can’t help but notice the fact that the food expeditor is overwhelmed, the kitchen is too small to feed all the tables quickly, and the bartender isn’t cooling the pints before filling them with beer. I love to watch the cogs that need to work in simultaneous order to make a business run. Remove one part and the balance is upset.

When all the parts are in exact motion, the experience can be perfect.

I had a server several years ago who was such a precise combination of efficiency, speed, calm, and attentiveness that my family still refers to that night often. He was a master of his art. It might be difficult to understand how a server, a somewhat mundane job, can be a master of it. So next time you are out at a meal and have fantastic service, watch the way the waiter/waitress moves. See how they handle difficult people, if they go above and beyond. Watch the small acts they do to make your experience what it is. You will quickly start to appreciate what they do.