Procrastination, You Old Friend

Day Eighteen

Checking Facebook twenty times does not increase productivity. Nor in fact, does eating an entire box of wasabi rice crackers. Right now, I am on my third cup of herbal tea and fourth pandora station. I have watched every IMDB trailer for the past several weeks and filed my toenails.

Procrastination is making me it’s bitch today.

I am not about to admit defeat. Instead, I will humble myself before the knowledge that my resistance to completing my goals is fierce. Don’t get me wrong, the battle is a daily routine. I face down my keyboard mentally preparing myself for the inner conflict that is about to take place. I allow my fingers to rest on the keys and wait. And wait. And wait some more. Then, my mind is filled with absolutely everything I must do at this very moment. But I force myself to sit and wait. Until my fingers start to twitch and words finally form.