5 Productivity Rituals

Day Nineteen

To counteract yesterday's post on procrastination, today it’s all about productivity.

1. Drink 1 large glass of lemon water first thing. That means before coffee and food. I started doing this several years ago because it makes me less groggy. It wakes me up and gives my body a second to calibrate before loading it with caffeine.

2. Exercise. My most productive days have at least a twenty-minute workout during them. I find either early morning or late night is my best time to exercise. I sleep really well if I go on a run before bed.

3. I give myself at least 30 minutes in the morning before checking my phone or computer. This was a really hard habit to start. At first, I felt like I wasn’t updated first thing in the morning. Then I realized, it gave me time for my mind to wake up before overloading it with information.

4. Showering. I would be happy to shower several times a day and I admit sometimes I do. It is such a basic practice but it is essential for me.

5. I would like to say meditation or stretching for this last point, but I honestly don’t do either of them enough to say that this helps me be productive. So instead, it's to spend time outside. My favorite ritual is running or walking to get coffee. It combines two of my favorite things together, coffee and being outside. Stepping out of my front door puts my life into perspective. My friend gave me some advice when I was going through a particularly hard time in my life. This sounds like some hippy crap and will be difficult if you live in an apartment in New York. She said when you are feeling completely overwhelmed by life, go outside and lay down on the ground. Let yourself “surrender to the world” for a time.  This practice has gotten me through some rough days and almost hit by several cars.