Learn From Heartbreak

Day Twenty-One

Heartbreak is an efficient teacher. Ruthless and direct but effective.

The best gift my high school boyfriend gave me was cheating on me. I know this sounds like something an still angry girlfriend would say but I mean it in all sincerity. I honestly thank him for this.

At the time I hated how much I still felt like I loved him. It showed my inner weakness. But my resolve toughened. I realized there were lessons to learn. Patterns to dissect and extract the important information. This was not an experience I wished to repeat.

There is no fit all formula for relationships, people are far too diverse to predict a connection. I am a result of past relationships. Not a victim but a product. I don’t view my partners pasts relationships as competition. I thank them for the lessons they imparted.

It is hard to reach out of heartbreak enough to realize that if you allow it, life is trying to teach you a lesson. Let it. Painful as it might be.