Speed Date or Interview?

Day Twenty-Six

Do you ever feel like you are on a speed date during an interview?

You dress up nicely, avoid touchy subjects, project yourself with confidence, and ask and answer rapid fire questions. In these exchanges, you are a tightrope walker. You attempt to gracefully maneuver between truth and embellishment, potential disaster awaits on either side. 

The timer clicks and it begins. Smile. Be excited. Be interesting and interested. Minutes start to float away and I wonder “how do I do this again?”. 

I blank out at the beginning of interviews, no matter if I am nervous or not and come to half way through the conversation. Right before the end, there is an awkward pause. Did they like me? Did I like them? 

I should clarify. I have never been on a speed date. Although, I talk rather quickly and some of my dates might have thought it was rather speedy. But, I have seen movies with speed dating and so I am practically an expert. 

I imagine that the feeling at the end of an interview and of a date is similar. Do I want to continue down this road? Should I accept a phone number or second interview? Was that tingle in my stomach excitement or a reminder of the Indian buffet I had for lunch? 

Big decisions can come down to several moments in time. There is a pause when my mind has to decide what direction to pursue. Then, I have to trust my instinct and follow it.