Life is too Short to Waste

Day Twenty-Eight

Life is too short to waste
So why don't you cover yourself in finger paint
And dance until the moon rises full

Kiss the stranger on the subway, even though it isn't the best you've ever had
But the best will stop the world for an indescribable moment 

Spend a day as someone else  
Put yourself aside and try on unfamiliar shoes
Explore the flipside of the coin
There you will find compassion 

Why not let yourself splash into every part of the world
Spread out in elastic lines until you have broken down those muscles
So they can carry you
Whichever direction you choose

Let passion be your fuel

If you forget how to find that
Spend an evening naked in a lake
The sky won't judge you

Lay your head against the concrete
Listening for the footfalls of those before you
Let history wind itself into your spine 

Hike at least one huge mountain
Yodel your fears away when you reach the summit 

Pick a tomato and eat it while sitting in the dirt 

Let the soles of your feet callous with each experience
These hardened patches will remind you how very far you have traveled 

Get drunk at least once with a stranger
Allow your life to spill from your mouth as you slow dance with him
Why not coat the music with honesty

Make exceptions to every rule you place for yourself 

Rigidity causes brittle bones
I hear they cause problems as you get older

Realize how very small your huge spirit really is
We are all just trying to figure out how to work these bodies we have been given 

That is all they are 

So pierce it, paint it, tattoo it, tone it
But never forget it is just a body
We are all so much more if we choose to be 

Stop judging yourself and those around you
If you can find how
Life has the ability to be colorful in ways I haven't learned yet 

Let the blushes on your cheeks color the portrait you make
Yourself as a gift for each insecurity 

Make friends with silence
It will always be your companion
Inhale deep
And realize

There is still compassion here