I Will be Eaten When I Die

Day Nine

A study was undertaken to see how long, after an owner's death, a cat versus a dog would eat the person. Within three days, sometimes as little as two hours later, a cat would start to feast on the departed human. And a dog, a dog would starve to death before doing so. This proves my point: A cat is only worth having if it acts like a dog. Even then, it is still a questionable decision.

The universe is very aware of my sentiments and so, five nights ago, it placed a lost kitten on my doorstep. Not just on any night but the first to drop to freezing. It didn’t make that annoying yowl cats do when distress but sat patiently. It understood with perseverance, it would win me over.

Around one in the morning, as my mind turned, my boyfriend asks me if I want to bring the cat inside. This is how I found myself making a home in one of the dog's crates to place the freezing kitten. It has now been five days and the cat has been given the name FPK (Front Porch Kitty) because it spends its days living in our front yard. It comes when called, sits on your lap when you drive, and goes to the bathroom outside. 

The only catch is FPK hates the three dogs I live with and the dogs are skeptical at best of the intruder. A home for the cat hasn’t been found so, on our front porch, it resides, inching its way into my affections.

Lesson learned, never say you will never have a cat. The world takes that as a challenge and will prove you wrong.