When I was 19, I began a self-funded adventure that spanned 365 days, several continents and 15 countries. While exploring and absorbing various cultures, I realized there are innumerable ways in which to live my life. So, why waste my time trying to follow in the footsteps that I believe society has prescribed for me?

The question became, how do I live the most creative, motivated, self empowering and honest life I can? Thus far, I have taken the learn-everything approach and, as a result, some of the titles I inherited along the way are:

-Sushi chef-
-World traveler-
-Co-designer & leader of empowerment retreats for young women-
-Creativity junkie-
-Line chef- 
-Participant of Praxis-

To find out more about my escapades, both inward and worldwide, go check out my blog and Just a Little Flavor. Any feedback and thoughts are more than welcome. 


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