1 month, February
Things to do: 
-Spend a spectacular day on a deserted beach in Gili Air.
-Rent a scooter and ride around the island. Get up to the north-west area where there are less tourists.
-Eat at Sari Organik in Ubud. 

-After the book Eat Pray Love, the town of Ubud exploded with middle aged women trying to “find themselves”. It is touristy as all get out but has a charming mix of modern and ancient. I suggest visiting but make sure to see other parts of the island as well. Bali has a lot to offer.
-Take photos of any scooters you rent before signing the contract. Then you have documentation of any scraps or scratches that occurred before you rented it.
-Make sure to bring appropriate clothing if you will be visiting any temples. It is highly disrespectful to wear slightly scandalous garb while being in a sacred space.

2 weeks, October
Things to do:
-When in Belgium, beer must be consumed. I did several brewery tours while in the area and really enjoyed De Halve Maan tour. The high alcohol content of some beer will leave you rather tipsy after one or two, and make for some great tales.
-Visit the town of Ghent. It used to be the second largest city in Europe until taxes were raised to such an extreme, that people moved away. It has never regained it’s grandeur but the center of town remains a medieval masterpiece. I arrived in the evening, when the river reflected the beautiful buildings, I was pretty sure I had walked back in time.  
-Most cities have “free/donations accepted” walking tours. Although it is a touristy thing to do, it gives you a great foundation and overview of the history of that city.  

-Belgium is very expensive, especially the food. I recommend staying at a hostel or Airbnb that provides a kitchen so you can prepare your own food. 
-Carpe Diem, in Brugge, had some of the best waffles I had. 
-I loved the Historium museum in Brugge. It was inexpensive, interactive and perfect for people of all ages. 

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