3 weeks, March & April
Things to do:
-Visit the island Koh Rong Sanloem. I walked to a less popular beach (the name of which I didn’t record, idiot) and had a magical, almost completely solitary day splashing around in the ocean which was smooth and warm.      
- Go to the killing fields near Phnom Penh. It gives you a very brutal and intense insight into the Cambodian genocide. 
-Spend a day visiting the temples. Yes, go to Angkor Wat, but don’t forget about the numerous other sites surrounding it. My favorite was Bayon Temple. Nothing quite like seeing a monk take a selfie with a massive four headed Buddha.     
-I found Siem Reap to be far more interesting and fun then Phnom Penh. One Stop Hostel was awesome. 
-Everyone talks about the islands in Thailand but I thought Cambodia’s islands were less crowded, spectacular, friendly and easy to reach. I don’t know how much longer they will stay this way but hope they remain obscure for a little while longer.
 -You will need a passport sized photo of yourself when entering the country. Make sure to have one, otherwise they will charge you extra.   
-I did a meditation and yoga retreat and, although I don’t recommend the particular one I did, loved staying off the beaten path and getting to be engrossed in a village for 10 days. 

Multiple times, all parts of the year
Things to do: 
-Hike The Chief in Squamish.
-Hike the, several day, Juan de Fuca trail. The first day is killer so make sure to prepare yourself appropriately. 
-Visit the town of Tofino. It takes some time to get to, but is entirely worth it. 

-Buy SunRype fruit bars (if you don’t like them that’s okay, I need less friends in my life anyway).
-Enjoy some fresh, cheap and delicious sushi while along the coast. 
-It is expensive to take a car on the ferry, so try to leave a vehicle on the main land, if at all possible. 

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