ENGLAND (London) 
1 week, October
Things to do:
-Eat anything at Muriel's Kitchen. It is perfect after a day at the free Nature and Science Museum.
-While in England, high tea is required. We found a perfect spot and made an afternoon of it. Places to indulge in afternoon tea are scattered all over the city and range completely in price, so it is up to you to find the right fit.
-Shepherds Bush market is incredible and you can easily lose a day wandering through it. 

-The city of London is huge, I mean seriously massive. To get from one side of the city to another can take a considerable amount of time, so plan accordingly. Sometimes it is worth spending extra cash just to stay in a better part of town to avoid the commute.
-Don’t buy single tickets for the metro, it will cost you a fortune. Instead, buy the day or week pass to save yourself some money. 
-Book wherever you are going to stay in advance if possible. The good spots fill up very quickly in London. 

1 month, July & August
Things to do:
-I don’t know why Cafe Divan, out of the multitude of restaurants scattered throughout Paris, struck us as being so delicious. Maybe it was the kind waitstaff, or how hungry we were the first time we visited, but it became a refuge for all of us in the mist of a hot and humid city. 
-Carcassonne castle was a perfect place to wander around for a day. The middle of the castle is filled with restaurants and shops, perfect for getting my medieval nerd on. While you are in the area, swing by Cap d'agde and enjoy the busy and beautiful French beaches. 
-Bastille, in Paris, had a great night life.

-Do not eat anywhere near the main tourist attractions in Paris. The quality of food is terrible and will cost you a ridiculous amount. 
-Paris should be enjoyed and sampled. If you are on a very tight budget, I would recommend skipping it. Leave it for a time that you can truly enjoy its expensive and luxurious ways. 
-There are various schemes people throughout Paris use to get you to give them money. Be aware of your surroundings and belongings and be willing to say no when someone demands you give them cash. 

To ask me any advice or questions, contact me here. I would love to hear from you!