2 weeks, September
Things to do:
-See the play How to Become Icelandic in 60 Minutes and be in Reykjavik for a Saturday night. Things get wild. 
-Stay at Skalanes nature reserve and do as much hiking as possible. The landscape will blow your mind.
-Go to the Settlement Center and eat at the tasty restaurant above the exhibit. 

-The Blue Lagoon is gorgeous, no question about it. But, it is expensive and there are many other beautiful hot springs all over Iceland. So if you are on a budget, visiting one of the more obscure springs will be easier on your wallet.
-Rent a car to get around. Trust me, you want to be able to travel when and where you want.
-Do some research before going to figure out what the best time of year is for you. If you really want to see the northern lights, winter will be best. If you want to hike, then summer it the right decision. 

2 weeks, June
Things to do: 
-Visit Yad Vashem the (Holocaust museum). It is beautifully designed and completely heartbreaking.  
-The Dead Sea is great. Although it’s in the middle of nowhere, it is an bizarre experience to float around it for a day. 
-I am not religious, nor did I go to Israel for that purpose. It is an incredible country no matter your religious incline and the food will blow you away. Eat an entire bowl of hummus just to yourself and just because you are in Israel. Also, try Bamba one of my favorite snack foods I discovered while traveling. 

-In most restaurant, you have the ability to “opening a table”. This means you get a ridiculous number of small dishes, usually with unlimited refills, and a choice of meat. I left the restaurant waddling slightly but as happy as could be. It was a great way to try a little bit of everything and would be perfect for a large party. 
-The country is so small that you can circumnavigate it very easily. Both busses and rented cars are a perfect way to get around.
-Some people asked me if I was worried at all about my safety while in Israel. The answer is not at all. It was actually one of the safer countries I visited due to the awareness of everyone and structure of security within the country. 

To ask me any advice or questions, contact me here. I would love to hear from you!