3 months, October-December
Things to do:
-I am overwhelmed by the amount of things I want to tell people to do and narrowing it down is rather difficult. Just spending time in the outdoors will be life changing. I have never seen such beautiful scenery in my life. Do a boat tour of the Milford Sound, it is spectacular.
-Do the the Rob Roy & St. Paul's Rock hike. 
-Spend time in Wanaka. We expected to stay three days and ended up there for two and a half weeks. It is the smaller Queenstown and has such a relaxed vibe. Stay at Wanaka Bakpaka and for a fun evening go to Cinema Paradiso

-The bane of your existence, especially on the South Island, will be sandflies. Imagine indestructible mosquitos with slightly more painful bites and this is what a sandfly is. They are indestructible little buggers and usually aren’t phased by things like repellent. I found smoke and wearing rain gear while camping to protect your skin, the best deterrent. 
-I ended up traveling with a guy who had bought a car at the beginning of his trip. Although buying a car might seem like an expensive endeavor, it allows you to keep all your belongings with you, provides shelter, and allows you to go when and where you desire. Aukland and Christchurch are both common places to buy and sell your car at the beginning and end of the trip. 
-I was told multiple times to spend the majority of my time in New Zealand on the South Island. While I agree the South Island is beautiful, I really enjoyed my time on the North Island as well and advise people not to discredit it. Keri Keri and Taupo are gorgeous. 

3 weeks, August
Things to do:
-Getting into the country side, especially when the heather is blooming is stunning. I worked in a tiny town called Cardhu and my favorite thing to do was run around the nearby hillsides.
-Edinburg is a fun, modern city that is easy to travel around especially when you are alone.
-Try some Scotch and travel the distillery trail that leads throughout the country.

-This is another country that is great for a help exchange or some sort of work trade. It is easy to find places and it is a great way to get out of the main cities and into the countryside.
-I had amazing Indian food in Scotland.
-Always be prepared for rain, no matter the season. 

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