1 week, August 
Things to do:

-Hike in Grindelwald. The combination of the Alps, picturesque cows, small cozy houses, and wild strawberries make for a rather magical hiking experience.
-Stay at the Grindelwald youth hostel. It is clean with a stunning view of the town. 
-Take a run around the Rose garden in Bern.  

-Food is expensive so get a place that has a kitchen. 
-This is a country that I am willing to pay extra to take a train just because the ride and view is so enjoyable. 
-It is true that Swiss chocolate is amazing. Take every opportunity to enjoy it.

3 weeks, December & January
I had a particularly incredible experience in Tanzania because my parents paid to take me and my sister on an amazing Safari. This was the most expensive trip we took and so these tips and advice are not for those who are looking for a cheap adventure. 
Things to do:
-Go to the Ngorongoro Crater, it is practically bursting with animals. Look up some photos of it and you will see why it is the first on my list. 
-Have cocktail hour, on Serengeti, at sunset. 
-Take an eight seater plane over parts of the Serengeti and see herds of elephants from above. 

-Be willing to say no to the people who try to sell you things. Otherwise you will end up with hundreds of souvenirs you do not need.  
-Baboons are dicks, pardon my language. Keep an eye on the little buggers when they are around, they tend to wreak havoc wherever they go. 
-Bring medicine for getting sick. It inevitably happens and is nice to have some backups if you are out in the middle of nowhere. 

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