I month, January
Things to do:
-Wander the mountain town of Pia. It isn't like any other place in Thailand but is totally charming.  
- Grab a day pack, swim suite and take of for an adventure in Railay Bay.  
-Right outside the busy and colorful city of Chiang Mai is the "Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai". When we were there it was totally deserted and we spent a wonderful day cliff jumping and enjoying the solitude.  

-I heartily wished I listened to people when they said try and avoid the super popular spots. It feel like you are in a massive amusement park completely geared towards tourists. I always felt like I was being ripped off, I disliked the wariness there was between locals and tourists, and didn’t enjoy the types of people I met. I didn’t get to explore the northern parts of Thailand but heard wonderful things. I would stay off the beaten path next time I find myself in Thailand. 
-If it is your first time, I advise riding any rented scooters around calm parts of the city before taking off into the mayhem. I have never been so scared for my life. 
-If a bus says it will take you four hours it will take at least seven. Always add a couple hours to any of the projected arrival times. 

1 month, March
Things to do: 
-The cities completely differ from one end of the country to the other. This is why I recommend seeing as many of them as possible. My favorite was the cozy town of Sapa. It is tucked away in the mist and mountains with rice fields cascading down around it.  
-Take a boat tour of Halong Bay.   
-Eat Pho every chance you get. It is dirt cheap and warms you up in the chillier cities of the north. 

-You need to get a visa before you arrive. I learned this the hard way.
-When crossing traffic, grab all your jiggly bits and just pray you make it. I am pretty sure the drivers sense the terror in your eyes so walk confidently. 
-Hotels are very inexpensive and, if you are sharing a room, cheaper then hostels. 

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