Week 12: Fear

I am scared often. It is one of my best motivators.

Fear is my challenge to myself. Will I overcome it? Or will I let it overcome me? That is the decision. There is no third way. There is no truce in this game. Fear lurks in places I didn’t even know it would: at the corners of commitment, within a salmon ready to be broken down, and in the moment before I send an email. It’s an unexpected visitor and a persistent one at that. 

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Week Ten: Normality

If you allow it, life is a conveyor belt. Your parents place you on it, lunch packed, and it carries you along, through kindergarten to elementary school. You allow what your teachers say to be categorized as truth, although, most of what you learn when you are young you find out it is incorrect by high school. You understand that you are good in certain areas and bad at others; limitations are set in place by these realizations. 

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